The Fireman by Joe Hill

I gave this one three stars on goodreads. It was an enjoyable read and a little more fast-paced than other Joe Hill books but it was also lower quality. I got pretty tired of the ends of chapters ending in sentences like “but those plans would never happen” and “but that was the last time they would speak to each other”. There were also plot points that were very predictable, others came so completely out of the blue that it wasn’t believable.

Not saying the book wasn’t worth it because it was a fun read and I wouldn’t have finished it otherwise.

Also, not that it’s terribly important but … (possible spoiler) this is science fiction. It’s what of I think of as Star-Trek-science-is-magic scifi but it’s still solidly scifi. I hope Joe Hill goes back to real horror (supernatural) because there are plenty of good scifi authors and not enough good horror ones.


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