Review: The Fireman

The Fireman
The Fireman by Joe Hill

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was an enjoyable read and a little more fast-paced than other Joe Hill books but it was also lower quality. I got pretty tired of the ends of chapters ending in sentences like “but those plans would never happen” and “but that was the last time they would speak to each other”. There were also plot points that were very predictable, others came so completely out of the blue that it wasn’t believable.

Not saying the book wasn’t worth it because it was a fun read and I wouldn’t have finished it otherwise.

Also, not that it’s terribly important but …(spoilers)

EDIT: Ok here’s what happened … I won’t go into the details of my sleep disorder but this kind of thing is not a first: I woke up in the morning thinking that I had finished this book and only slowly realized, long after writing this review, that I had not. There was less than 20% left in the book to read. I finished it last night and wasn’t at all satisfied with the ending. I decided that in reality I wanted to give this a lower rating and so I have. But worse, I have some scathing things to say about this after finding myself describing the experience to a friend. I thought, if this is what I really think why am I not saying it in my review?

Here is that short conversation verbatim (text convo):

Me: the book is called The Fireman and he’s barely in most of it and then (view spoiler)
and the protagonist has cartoon-like survival skills and is pregnant the whole time
this guy spent four years writing this book
the son of stephen king
Mo: four years is a long time
Me: it’s a long book but it sucks in so many waaays
i don’t get it
i’ve read all his books
maybe his daddy didn’t help with this one or something

That’s pretty mean right? But that’s how I really felt about it.

I will however point out that somehow my previous statement saying “Not saying the book wasn’t worth it because it was a fun read and I wouldn’t have finished it otherwise.” is still ringing true. It was a fun read but often fun reads are not the reads you would recommend to anyone.

I reserve one star ratings for books I want to throw in the garbage but can’t because they’re ebooks. This one gets two stars.

Let this be proof that when I say I got this book free for an honest review I really do give an honest review.

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