Review: Bird Box

Bird Box
Bird Box by Josh Malerman
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

What could have been a good story was overwhelmed and overshadowed by the author’s need to use italics at every opportunity and HOW ABOUT SOME ALL CAPS TO EMPHASIZE THE OBVIOUSLY HORRIFYING SITUATION. I felt like I was reading an angry email. Since apparently that isn’t distracting enough why not throw several glaring coincidences into the mix?

The story was really creepy but it would have been much, much scarier without these flaws. These are the kind of flaws that constantly remind you that you are just reading text in a book. I wish I could have read a version of it that was cleaned up. It could have easily been a four star kind of book but as is, it just really … isn’t.

I feel like a jerk writing such a negative review but here’s all the positive I can give this book: It was a good idea. The author has potential. He just hasn’t reached it yet. I wouldn’t be writing this review if the story wasn’t good enough to keep me wanting to read until the ending.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Bird Box”

  1. Oh boy. I actually bought the paperback version of this because the blurb sounded really promising and, well, I was a sucker for the cover. It has been sitting in my shelf for a while and I have a feeling it will stay there longer now.
    Such a shame that the writer would do those things to a great concept.


  2. Sometimes I feel awful about writing bad reviews, and it seems like no one appreciates them as much, but I think they are very valuable. Now I can give my customers a better idea of how this book reads. I also know that I would be equally as annoyed at the italics and caps, so it’s not the book for me. So, thank you for your honest review. 🙂

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