Review: The Room

The Room
The Room by Jonas Karlsson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Following him in the first person, you start out thinking Bjorn is a pretty regular guy who is serious about his work and just a little full of himself. He gets transferred to a new job which isn’t as good as his last but he’s happy with it. (Later you wonder if his last coworkers were eager to get rid of him.) You realize quickly that he’s very rude. Oh god he’s so narcissistic … Jesus Christ he’s downright socially inept! And finally – oh wow he really is insane.

This is a look into madness and the effect it has on ordinary people in the workplace. At some point you might start to feel slightly nutty yourself.

I have a serious love of the weird so this was right up my ally. It was a nice quick read that doesn’t leave you bored for a second and I really enjoyed the Wes Anderson-esque sense of humor.

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