Review: The Humans

The Humans
The Humans by Matt Haig
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book started out the way I wanted it to. It was comedy, a good romp. It departed from that and became a slightly preachy book full of armchair philosophy and common observations about humanity. When I was a teenager this book would have resonated with me because I wouldn’t have already heard and thought iterations of everything the book was trying to say many many times. I felt my attention falling away increasingly often as the protagonist – a nameless alien who had been forced to take over a man’s life – waxed ever more sentimentally philosophical. At one point a chapter consists of a list of 97 pieces of life advice straight out of a chain email.
This book was written as a therapeutic exercise by an author who suffered at the time from severe panic disorder which I can relate to firsthand. I understand the book’s appeal from that point of view. But still, from the point of view of this particular reader it wasn’t a very good read.

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